In collaboration with Happy Lucky’s TeaHouse, we are excited to share our custom tea, the ‘Selfpower Blend’ that is for now for sale. A portion of the proceeds from the tea will go directly to our programs, benefiting single parents in Larimer County.

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About our Partnership

We are excited to bring you a new way to support single parents while relaxing and restoring your own selfpower through our partnership with Happy Lucky’s TeaHouse!

Our team was given a unique opportunity to partner with Happy Lucky’s Teahouse this year to bring you a new tea inspired by the resilience and selfpower of our Participants.  We sat down with their manager, Sean, and tea expert, Andy to create a custom tea blend.  It was both educational and inspirational!  During the process, we brainstormed concepts that describe our Participants and our work. Words like resilience, strength, relationship, recharge, comfort, and connection.

Sean and Andy took the essence of our work and transformed it into a delicious and rejuvenating tea blend. This blend is composed of Rooibos Strawberry Sunshine, Rooibos Vanilla, rosebuds and petals, and lemon myrtle. Tasting like a sweet and buttery rose-berry cobbler, this is an incredibly versatile and friendly tea that both parent and kiddo are sure to love. So, whether you need a hot pot with milk and sugar for a tea party, an iced drink for running around in the summertime, or a tea-based tipple at the end of another long day, our Selfpower Blend has you covered.

How to purchase tea

For every ounce of tea you purchase, $1 comes back to Project Self-Sufficiency Participants. So while you relax and sip your selfpower blend, you are powering single parents in our community to access their selfpower and achieve their education and career goals.

The Selfpower Tea Blend celebrates our community.  Inspired by our Participants, their families, and our work, we invite you to connect with us each time you brew a cup of Selfpower Tea.