Community Partners

Our sponsors and partners supply power to our programming, events, community outreach and awareness year-round. Together, we are continuing the positive cycle of selfpower by making our community aware of our impact and raising the funds necessary to change the lives of parents and children across our single-parent community.

Thankfully, with the support of our generous community, our single parents have the professional, personalized support and tools needed to blow past barriers and reach goals. This experience changes the lives of single parents and their children.

“We share a primary goal of helping women to become more financially secure [because they are] exposed to the full range of opportunities that are available to earn higher rates of income over the course of their entire lifetime.”

– Lauren Y. Casteel, President & CEO of The Women’s Foundation of Colorado

Featured Partner

Collaboration is key to creating impact and making positive changes for families in Larimer County. Our partnership with United Way helps us access public, private and nonprofit resources and secure funding to achieve our mission.


Implementation Partners

Implementation Partners are mission-aligned and provide on-the-ground and direct program supports for our families – everything from affordable housing, to career exploration tools, to mental and behavioral health providers and garages for car repairs. Our current Implementation Partners are:

Healthy Families Program

Career Exploration

Adult Education

Career Placement (Internships)

Collaboration Partners

Collaboration Partners are mission-aligned with common outcomes and may provide funding, best practices, or strategies to meet the community need. We work in close concert to ensure the best outcomes for our families. Our current Collaboration Partners are:

The Workforce Innovation Grant is a collaboration between the Colorado Workforce Development Council, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Larimer County, Larimer County Workforce Development Board, and Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development.
The Selfpower Program is being 4% funded in the amount of $150,000 by federal award number SLFRF0126, awarded to the State of Colorado by the U.S. Department of the Treasury and 96% funded by non-federal sources.

Funding Partners

Funding Partners are mission-aligned and provide essential funding needed to do our best work. They invest in strategies and have a vested interest in our success and the success of our families. Our major Funding Partners are:

  • 8th Judicial District Victim Assistance Fund
  • A.V. Hunter Trust
  • Bohemian Foundation
  • City of Fort Collins – Social Sustainability Department
  • City of Loveland – Community Partnerships
  • Colorado Department of Higher Education Scholarship Initiative (COSI)
  • Sam S. Bloom Foundation
  • United Way of Larimer County

Referral Partners

Referral Partners fuel our community and our families with their essential programs. Referral Partners include: