Bringing the promise of education
to single parents for over 35 years

Selfpower is the power and confidence that comes from deep within the human spirit – once it’s realized, no one can ever take it away. Our role at Project Self-Sufficiency is to simply help single parents see it, believe it, and achieve it.

Our goal as an organization is to cultivate the grit and determination necessary for a lifetime of achievements for single parents and their children.

Barriers such as affordable housing, mental health services, access to quality childcare, reliable transportation, and other challenging circumstances require creative intervention and intensive, personalized advising.

When families are able to support themselves and activate their selfpower, our community is stronger.


served annually


are victims of abuse


ethnically diverse


homeless when they enter
the program


per hour
top earnings for 2022


degrees, certificates, or GEDs
earned in 2022


enrolled in post
secondary education


degrees pursued


Natasia L.


Donavon S.


WeChonH’PeCala Star


In the face of hard emotional, physical and financial circumstances, it takes remarkable effort to apply for and get through educational programs and develop career stability for single parents and their children. This kind of success doesn’t happen alone, or overnight, and there are significant challenges to overcome.

We need your help.

Bring the promise of education to single parents. 

“They move people to self-sufficient places in a way where they can become leaders, they actualize people.

Project Self-Sufficiency Donor

Our Model

We partner with single parents on their journey to achieve a rewarding education and develop a career that matters.

From the beginning, every Participant is paired with an Advisor to create an empowering and trusting relationship. The first steps in the program involve stabilization, strengths-finding, and career counseling to build a personal plan for gaining more education and training. Our model has built-in resources, so Participants can be successful in their journey towards a better future.

Wisdom from Graduates

“Project Self-Sufficiency has raised my confidence far beyond what I could have ever imagined. My degree has opened the door to many different career paths that I can take. My ability for growth is now endless.”

“As soon as I began working with my Advisor, I felt a sense of relief that I could finally do it, that I could finally get an education. I had no idea how much support I would actually receive though, and how much of a difference it would make in every aspect of our lives.

“Project Self-Sufficiency has provided the resources, the support and the encouragement to make my career dreams come true.”

“Most of all Project Self-Sufficiency has had an impact on my daughter by teaching her you can follow your dreams. Sydney has become the number one supporter of me becoming a teacher. She is so proud of me, and it melts my heart.”

Featured Partner

Collaboration is key to creating impact and making positive changes for families in Larimer County. Our partnership with United Way helps us access public, private and nonprofit resources and secure funding to achieve our mission.