March 12, 2020 | 11:30-1:00 | Embassy Suites, Loveland

Thank you for supporting our 2020 Bring the Power Luncheon on March 12th! With your help, we raised over $55,000 to bring the power of education to single-parent families. We’ll be back next year, but if you missed the event, scroll down to learn more about our program and what your donation supports.

Meet our Participants and share in their stories

When single parents first come to Project Self-Sufficiency they know they are going to have to work hard to get through school while raising their kids and working. Through our unique program, and our focus on the relationship between our Advisors and our Participants, we help single parents access their selfpower and achieve their dreams.

Be a part of our success and help single parents thrive!

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 “Selfpower means having the ability to get where I want to go in life so I can take control of my future, I can raise my kids, and provide for their future.” — Jonathan

Participant Testimonials

“After being accepted to Project Self-Sufficiency I thought they just helped me with school but wow the programs! Honestly Project Self-Sufficiency is a unit, it’s a family unit of badass people who will figure out a way to help you succeed…I am now working full time in a position where I am so valued and I am getting hands-on real world experience for my own business. I still remember telling Anna and Amanda when they interviewed me that I just needed a hand up. That I was sinking and that if I could get some help now I promised to make sure I pay it forward 10x. My dream is taking place!

For those of you not familiar with Participants, it’s not something that is handed to you. These women are fierce, you are held accountable and are required to be continuously working towards your action plan. YOUR action plan. All of us come from different backgrounds and we are all allowed to do what fits our lifestyle.” — Kristy

“When I first entered Project Self-Sufficiency, I had an instant moment of relief. I was mentally, emotionally, and educationally lost…After realizing I can do it, my confidence has led me all the way to graduation this summer. I accomplished applying for Police Officer positions and making it into the hiring process. [Project Self-Sufficiency is] a great program. Thank you!!” — Gabriela

“From day one [my Advisor] Nicole treated me like I was capable and had the power to change my circumstances. She didn’t coddle me or treat me judgmentally- two extremes I had already experienced… [Project Self-Sufficiency is] a group of people who want to support parents who are going through some of the toughest times of their lives. Everyone I’ve met through the Program has had such a passion and compassion for single parents” — Lara